Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is hot-swapping?

A: Hot-swapping is removing/inserting a device while the system is running at 'full power'. While it can refer to anything (up to and including processors and memory), for the purpose of this project it refers to 'removable drive bays' on laptops, as well as docking stations.

Q: What is warm-swapping

A: Warm-swapping is the same as above, but while the hardware may still have power to it, the system itself is in a 'suspended' state when the swap is performed, and it is 'discovered' when the system returns to a normal state.

Q: Error, ports in use. -- what's that about?

A: If you boot without an IDE device in the bay, and insert one later, you will likely see this error. It _shouldn't_ cause a problem, but if you think it may be causing you trouble, simply eject and reinsert -- you shouldn't see it upon the second insertion.